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Clothing is basic, but fashion is a necessity. One can’t ignore the fashion and demand to look outstanding. Confidence is necessary if you want to stand up for yourself and make a difference in the world. And confidence comes from style. It’s a harsh reality that people will take you sincerely only when you are confident about yourself. It comes from within and the way you present yourself: the outfit you wear, the material of your outfit ( wool, synthetic, etc. ) wool the hygiene, the color combinations, and everything.

Woolen clothes

So basically, a good pair of the outfit is a must-have if you want to slay the day. Initially, the right outfit is made from the fabrics wool, cotton, or synthetic. Many people know how to take care of synthetic or cotton garments but not about wool. Wool is different and unique. But a good quality comes with a price, so you need to take special care of your woolen clothes if you want that kind of unique attire. 

Why Wear Woolen Clothes?

Wool is a versatile and mostly worn kind of cloth for anybody. The specialized fields in which woolen fabric trends are dress, trousers, gloves, coats, sweaters, neckties, suits and jackets, talking cats, socks, hats and the list goes on. Wool has so many benefits that make it different and preferred over other fabrics. Sturdy wool pants have some essential qualities that other material lacks such as-

Better Appearance

Wool fabrics come with rich deep texture. Its versatility allows it to be fine as silk threads and also like coarse, thick yarns. The resulting wool fabric can range from extremely lightweight soft to touch to the hairy and heavy garment. In other words, wool pants have the body and richness that no different fabric can match.

Gives Warmth

You might have heard that wool is a hot fabric. Its unique property to hold the heat inside works exceptionally well in cold weather. The fine hairs in wool fabric trap the air and close it near the body, which helps to keep you warm. Even a thin jacket can provide you the warmth that is unbeatable compared to other fabrics.


Tailors and designers prefer wool for suit jackets as wool can hold the shape for a longer time. People always hang wool jackets instead of folding them because it is the fabric’s tendency to take shape and hold onto it. So to avoid any folds or creases, it is better to hang them up on the wall. This wool fabric can hold or resist worn patches for a longer time compared to cotton. 20 or 30 years will be nothing if you treat your wool garments properly. Under good guidance, they have the possibility to stay good as new as long as you use them.

Water Resistance

Another great property is that wool is water-resistant. The fabric which is untreated still happens to have fatty lanolin of the original animal, which is extremely waterproof. Even fine wools can give you the protection. They are absorbent and will soak up about 20% of the weight in water before the beginning of the leak. That is the reason fisherman and sailors travel in extremely wet conditions, and cold climates prefer tight women wool sweaters for their protection.

So here’s why you should put up with wool care and wool prices. As the quote says, ‘With great luxury comes great quality’. Our wool pants are highly practical, study, and good looking. We only recommend overcoats, suits or pants made from primary and luxury wool.

Red Raspberry White Wollen Pants

White Woolen Pants

How to Wash Your Wool Clothes

Don’t be scared when it comes to washing your wool clothes. Our sheep and merino wool fabric can easily survive rain, snow, and wind so, you don’t need to worry about it surviving a washing machine either.

Our wool fabrics generally don’t need to be washed after every other use because it is odorless and stain-resistant. If you want to give a quick refresh, just brush your wool trousers and hang them up in a steamy bathroom to remove any creases. However, if you really want to wash it, just go through a care claim on the sew-in label.

Washing in a Machine

The first step would be turning your wool pants inside out. If your washing machine happens to have a wool cycle, then you can wash it in about 40 degree Celsius of temperature. However, in the absence of a wool cycle, it is highly recommended to use cold water for delicates.

Washing by Hands

Here too, the first step would be to turn your wool pants inside out. This step is for those wool garments which only suggest hand wash and do not support machines. The best temperature recommended is 30-degree Celsius in lukewarm water using a gentle and mild detergent. Soak your wool fabric for 10 minutes before rinsing in lukewarm water and then in cold water. Keep in mind that hand wash is the best option for any fabric.

Care Instructions- How Your Pants can Stay Resilient for a Longer Time

We have all heard about essential maintenance tips for our clothes, like keeping different colored fabrics apart from each other when they are wet to avoid color bleeding. Let’s take a look at how you can care for your wool pants so that they look good as new forever.

Before Wash Instructions

Well, this is kind of obvious still, do not forget to empty the pockets and remove belts or any other accessories from the pants to avoid bulging. While storing ensure they are zipped and buttoned.


This is specifically recommended for woven garments. You can brush garments lengthwise with the help of a soft garment brush. This will remove the surface soil, which can become stains later on. It is a crucial step as dust and dirt can make the wool fabrics dull, so make sure you brush them clean.


Not everyone is aware of this method. This is indeed a very crucial step in removing food odors or cigarette odors from garments. You just need to lay your wool fabric flat on the bed for an hour. After that, you can hang them up in fresh air on the hanger.

Hanging Woven, Fold Knits

Woven garments are meant to be hung on padded or shaped coat hangers. While knitted garments would be kept best if they are folded or stored in a drawer.


Make it a habit to give the wool garments the rest of 24 hours before you wear them again. This gives the spring and natural resilience of wool fiber recovery in time and returning in its original shape.


You can refresh wool garments after unpacking. Or you can have them in your steamy bathroom before you wear it as the moisture will remove all the wrinkles.

Away from heat and direct sunlight

To dry wet wool, dry at the average room temperature and not under direct sunlight or heat.


However, many wool fabrics do not need ironing, but smooth materials tend to look better that way. While pressing the wool pants, always use steam. Avoid ironing the fabric when it’s dry.

Lightweight Fabric Care

It is seen that lighter wool fabrics take longer time to shed their creases. You can remove the wrinkles by ironing it using a damp cloth.

Long term storage

You need to ensure that your wool garment is clean before you pack it in airtight bags or containers. As we know, body oil or food stains can attract moths, it is recommended to use Woolmark and closed mouth repellent to avoid the situation.

How to Choose Perfect Colored Wool Pants

Colour combination is an exciting thing that you cannot avoid if you want to look classy. You can’t just walk out to your office, looking all confused. Wearing right colored bottoms over their perfectly matched tops is the essential part of your attire.

Sadly many people who claim to be fashion nerds can’t seem to get the combinations right. There’s no dilemma when it comes to black and white, but you need to give it a thought when it comes to other diverse colors. Gladly you are not the only one who cannot differentiate between contrast colors and the right combination. So here, you will learn how to get the perfect colored pants, which will match your outfit.

You will look your ultimate best on the occasions and at your workplaces once you know how to choose the colors.

1. Matching and contrast

We come up with a pair of pants that always look cool and friendly in any occasion. You can avoid all the blunders from committing a wrongly chosen contrast colors and go for this one for your best look. A perfect contrast means having the right balance between light and dark tone. The good idea is to choose a lighter shade for the top and dark for your pants.

Waxberry Black Grey Plaid Wollen Pants

Black Grey Plaid woolen pants

2. Careful with Patterns and Checks

If you are physic is slim, then go for or pattern having bigger checks. On the contrary, if you are stout, then choose strips. If you are wearing a striped shirt, ensure that it matches the shade of your pants being almost similar to each other.

3. Right fabrics

You may think about what fabric has to do with the color tones, but you are wrong. Every color reflects differently when it is indifferent fabrics. Woolen pant stands to give classy looks and deep shades that are perfect for pants.

4. Some universal colors

There’s a whole other category of people who you do not understand these color combination concepts, nor do they want to invest their time in such things. Some most genuine and universal colored pants which can suit any other colors are navy, grey, cream, khaki, and black. These are the must-have woolen pants for your wardrobe.

Khaki wool pant

It is very trendy as it is versatile enough to match with any other shirt. It can be used on a formal day as well as for casual dress code.

Shirt colors that match khaki pants are: red, maroon, white, blue, green, black, contrast brown, purple, peach, magenta, and grey.

Black wool pant

Here comes the most loved color of all the outfits. We all know it’s a universal color and can match any colored top or shirt among all the diverse colors. Luckily you can get quality black colored wool pants from our Store.

Pearl Silk Black Thin Wollen Pants

Black Thin Woolen Pants

Standard shirt colors which match black wool pants are:

White, light grey, light yellow, red, blue, maroon, purple, bright orange, green, etc.

Cream Wool Pants

Just like black and khaki, cream color also shows a wide variety of matching colors, including sea green, maroon, pink, black, purple, and navy blue. Do not forget to keep in mind the fundamental tone of your dark-colored shirt or top before you put on a cream trouser.

Grey Trouser

Grey is a must for any formal attire. If you want to give a speech, if you’re going to work every day or some shopping, grey never lets you down. It just blends with any occasion, whether it is formal or casual.

Grey color is a perfect match for shirts in color red, spring bloom, aqua, black, light pink, white, blue, and purple.

2020 [Lattice Printing] Harem Cotton Loose Casual Wollen Pants

Harem loose woolen pants

Navy Wool Pants

It is a lovely color which depicts denim. Just like black, it is suitable for almost all colors. There is a wide range of colored shirts which will match navy wool pant. These are khaki, grey, cream, red, maroon, brown, magenta, crimson, black, yellow, rust orange, light green, yellow, peach, pink, white, etc. It is a good idea to choose primary colors for your pants like peach, brown, red, or blue.

Wide Navy Blue Striped Wollen Pants

Blue striped woolen pants


In the end, well-cared wool will give you strength, style, and warmth for a longer time. It is the standard to measure men’s wear. It is no competition to the artificial fabrics or other synthetics that are trying to imitate the lustrous and deep pile of natural wool.

So finally, it is time to turn your wardrobe into the heaven of quality garments. Click on the links above and get yourself a pair of wool pants best in the market.

Get Trendiest Wool Pants of 2020


Find Quality Pants in Our Store

If you are into fashion, wool clothing is not a new term for you. The extreme versatility of wool allows it to offer many kinds of benefits you cannot imagine from a single fabric. This textile fiber is produced by sheep and other similar animals like goats, or cashmere for basic attires. It is different from cotton, which is mainly cellulose as wool is made of protein and lipids.

Also, have a look at the latest pants trend to wear in winter.

If you want to determine the quality of good wool, then check its yield, staple strength, and color. The major part of the industry consumed by wool is clothing; other than that, it is also used for making saddle cloths, blankets, carpets, horse rugs, and upholstery. It is highly recommended because of its various benefits, which proves it to be the best of all. It has the ability to absorb odors or noise in stereo speakers. Woolen garments are determined to prevent sweet rashes, excessive heat, or moisture.

Black Thin Wollen Suit Pants

Black Woolen Suit

Designer Fashion Black Wollen Suits

Designer Woolen Black Suit

Why are Wool Pants Best for Winter?

Woolen sweaters are mostly used for the winter season, but have you wondered why? Not just a wool sweater, all woolen clothes possess the same property. These are idle because they provide insulation simultaneously wicking away the moisture. Whereas synthetic fiber traps the sweat close to your body, making you feel uncomfortable and sticky, wool does something different. It absorbs and wicks away the wetness so you will not feel any stickiness.

The wool comes in many different grades and types. A sweater can be made from anything among sheep, black, rabbit, goats, or llama. Each of them offers different washing characteristics, softness, and durability. Sheep fiber is most commonly used for the clothing industry. Other coarse and cheapest kinds of fibers are used for making carpets. Only the better and stronger quality wool staples are used for making clothing.

Let’s find out how wool can be more beneficial to you when compared to other synthetics.

Wool Pants Will Keep You Warm

Our wool pants can keep you warm in cold weather. Before we shed off the woolen fur off the animals, they grew it in the first place to stay warm under all weather conditions. Even the most delicate hairs of this can maintain your body temperature. When you work out or exercise, it will keep you warm when these activities tire you.

Wool Fibers are Soft and Safe

Research from the UK found that wearing wool fabrics give a better night’s sleep compared to other synthetics. Its natural property of wicking and insulating controls the sleeper’s microclimate. The keratin protein in wool can absorb one-third of the own weight in water before you feel any dampness. A study was done on the thermal insulation and properties of moisture management for wool fabrics compared to other synthetics. As a result, wool fabric allowed 67% more escape of moisture over 80 hours. Ultimately the result came out that wool is twice as durable as other polyesters.

Wool Pants are an Excellent Insulator

It’s the primary characteristic of wool to be an excellent insulator. Our pants will keep you warm and cozy by trapping the air between fibers. It allows your body moisture to evaporate in air through the fabric, which in turn will keep your skin dry and clean. As it maintains steady body temperature, you can wear woolen clothes in winter as well as summer. Its insulating and wicking properties make it unique and different from others.

Wool Pants are Recyclable and Renewable

So it turns out that wool is also eco-friendly. It’s a natural renewable product. The most common animals who produce wool each year are goats, sheep, and rabbits. All of them possess different properties. Cashmere goat produces fine silky wool, which is three times warmer than that of sheep.

When the wool fabrics are used and discarded, you can recycle and make new products out of them. For instance, and old wool, the cloth can be remanufactured into roof insulation. In the case where recycling is not possible, they are added to compost. They will be used to add fertilizer in an unproductive landfill.

Maintaining Wool Clothing

As wool is a natural product, it has proteins in its fiber, which can be destroyed by unsuitable chemical treatments. But wool is stronger than other fabrics and more resistant to natural wear and tear. Regular human-made synthetic will not be able to compete with the durability of wool. If treated properly, your wool fabric can last as long as you wish it to be.

Protect from Heat

It’s a common thing when it comes to any kind of clothing. If you want it to maintain its color and strength for a long time, you might want to keep it in the shade. Putting it under direct heat is not recommended as it can alter the protein structures. That is the reason why the wool fabric is not ironed but steamed and then pressed by unheated weights for smoothing it out. In case of minor wrinkles, you can just hang on the wall of your bathroom while taking a hot shower. If there is still something which is not improved by hanging on the wall, then cleaning it should do the job.

Don’t Keep it Wet for Long

When you dip a wool fabric in water, make sure that you will dry it as soon as you are done with it. Wet wool can lose about one-third of its strength when it’s wet. Do not stretch your garment in that condition. After you have cleaned it, just take it out and lay it flat rather than hanging on a hanger. Do not let stress develop on any part of your garment as it can be permanent. Make sure you let it dry naturally without applying any external heating measures.

Be Careful with Dry Cleaning

As we know that both water and heat can weaken the wool, you should not use standard machine washer for them. However, dry cleaning is the most used method for cleaning wool garments. It is cheaper, and you need to do it rarely. To avoid doing it more, you should brush your clothes whenever you take them off. Only dry clean them when they are soiled or smell bad. If you dry clean them more than enough, it will turn the wool fibers brittle over time. Give the garments some rest between cleaning intervals.

Storage area

If you want a good life to your wool garments, then you will have to combat their 3 enemies, which are light, heat, and insects. To combat heat storage, you just need to make sure that your wardrobe doesn’t heat up in summer, and you will be OK. Now to combat light, you need to make sure that your garments are not stored in an attic for a long term basis without any supervision. If too much light gets in, there is a chance your garments will start losing their charm and color. Insects and mites are the most significant danger for any fabric. A proven way to combat this is to put moth balls around the corners of your storage. Get good quality mothballs which are free from toxic and can leech in the clothes over time.

Now it’s time for a bonus tip. To make your wool coats or jackets look good, you need to get a wooden hanger with a curved shape. Your coat adapts to the shape of the hanger, so choose wisely whether it should be rounded or straight.

All these tips are straightforward to remember, and of course, if you want something to last longer, you need to take some precautions.

Why Choose our Wool Pants

While many things are available in the market, you might wonder what is unique in our product. Our wool pants are proven to give superior performance to any other human-made synthetic fibers. This naturally occurring fiber has so many amazing benefits like-

Our Pants are Wrinkle-free

Our wool pants are highly compatible when it comes to resisting wrinkles.

The woolen fabric acts as a spring. Due to its natural crimp, it returns to its natural shape after being stretched for up to 30%. Its complex coiling structure gives it an excellent resilience against getting flat or hard. You can count on our wool pants to maintain their shaped good as new.

Our Pants are Hypoallergenic

Yes, you read, right! Our pants are resistant to bacteria, mildew, and mold that can trigger some sort of allergic reaction.

Pollution Resistant

Of course, if you are working outside, you cannot have a pollution-free environment everywhere you go. The free radicals of such surroundings can dirty your clothes and make them look dull. Here comes the most powerful feature of our pants, which is being pollution resistant. Not only our pants can resist it, but it has the ability to suppress it and not re-emit. Another good news is if you use wool fabric in your interiors, it can help to purify the insides for as long as 30 years.

They can Insulate Well

The super thermal insulation property of our pants gives you a balanced atmosphere. This means that it will keep you cool in the summer season and warm in winter.

Goodbye to Dust Mites

Dust mites are a common problem we all face in keeping our clothing young. As we know, this kind of mites need moisture to survive and grow; wool turns out to be an inhospitable environment. Our wool pant has microscopic pores that can respond effectively in changing the humidity. Ultimately it makes an unfavorable condition for the breeding and growth of house dust mite.

These Pants are Antistatic

Usually, all fabrics tend to create static electricity. This static is responsible for attracting dirt, dust, and lint. It results in spoiling the show of your cloth.

Unlike other synthetics, our wool pants will rarely generate any static electricity, as it is a quality natural fiber. Eventually, it will keep your pants clean, so you will not need to worry about dry cleaning it more than often.

Easy to Clean

It is a hassle to clean clothes properly. With wool, you don’t need to worry about it. You can easily clean our wool pants.

The outside of the wool fiber is made of overlapping scales series. All the dirt and dust sits on the upper laying surface of the fiber, which makes it easy to remove.

Our Pants are Flame Resistant

Wool fabric is already difficult to ignite, but with gentle treatment and care during the manufacture of our wool pants, it is nearly impossible. It has heat release and low flame spread properties. It doesn’t melt as it possesses superior to self extinguish qualities.

Our Pants Come From Renewable Source Wool

We have already seen in this article that wool is a natural fiber that is renewable and recyclable. Each year wool-producing animals like sheep produce a fleece, which makes wool a natural renewable resource. No one has developed a process by now that can reproduce the wool synthetically. This means there is no head-scratching for wool making industry, the use of toxic chemicals in its manufacture, and no harm to the environment as well.

Our Pants are Eco-friendly

When you have used your pants for way too long, and you want to throw it out, don’t hesitate as it is naturally biodegradable. The wool used for our woolen pants is extremely renewable and sustainable, as it is a totally natural product. Being 100% biodegradable makes it an ideal fabric as it is an increasing concern for protecting our environment.

2020 Winter Solid Color High Waist Pants

Solid Color High waist Wool pants

2020 Autumn Women Wollen Short Pants

Short pants

OffwhiteWollen Dress

Off white woolen dress


Our wool as the finest fabric and clothing industry. The fineness of the fabric is what makes the cloth look excellent in terms of its appearance. This luxury fabric is practical, sturdy, and good looking. Its brilliant properties like water resistance, resiliency, warmth, study, make it one of the best in the fashion industry. So look no further and grab yourself pair of wool pants from the links above

Get The Joy of The Best Wear By Our Wool Pants


The right outfit is everything we need to show how good our fashion sense is. It is a vital self-care routine. Dressing up cleverly makes you different from the others. But fashion is not a simple word. You might think you know what you have been doing until now, but here let us introduce you to the real fashion. It is always better to scale up the standard of your style.

How to Buy online Wool Pants?

Women’s pants are the most robust item of clothing to get online. After all, when it comes to pants, you must consider overall length, rise, hips, and waist measurements. And you will always be unsure about how they will match with your heels or shoes. To help you get past this dilemma, we bring you some tips on how you can get your perfect fit for wool pants.

The first thing you do before buying any online clothing is to get your correct measurement. It will make the whole process infinitely more accessible. Although every brand indeed offers a different size chart for women’s bodies, so don’t consider all smalls to be the same as each other.

Let’s face it, there is no such thing as standard fitting when it comes to pants. Your size in one brand which is 8, is maybe 10 in another. The best thing you can do is do not rely upon the size standards and take your measurements. Later on, you can compare it with the size charts of the product you want to buy.  Also, you should take care of woolen pants.

Our Wool Pants

These loose pants are gripping the position on trendy clothes. They are best known for being comfortable and classic as well. Coming in all varieties and shapes, they can help disclose your fashionable side. These pants have been gaining steam as generation rises. However, loose style pants came a few seasons ago. This pant’s silhouette is relevant now in a better way than it ever was before.

Wide Leg Pants

Amazingly these loose-fitting pants throw the common knowledge required for how the pants should fit your body. Honestly, it was your fashion mistake if you didn’t think it was a trend until now.

Picking up the wrong combination for your tees can make you look mismatched. While picking the right ones will make you look put together. It’s essential to know different styles of trousers and their formal levels.

Our full-length pants are stylish and are cut slim through the leg. You can try some strong, kind of saturated neutral color to get a modern look. Because of the loose fit, these wool pants look casual, but in terms of fabric, they are formal as well. These pants are loosely fitted within an elastic and drawstring waist.

Wide leg woolen pant


Your Appearance Says a Lot

Your way of clothing says a lot about your personality. If you are looking terrific, then people will automatically start noticing you as soon as you walk into the room. So the truth is that your appearance is all that matters to impress the second person. And for a cloth to look good, its material is what matters the most.

Good material will not leave a chance for people to say anything wrong about your attire. It stands for itself and can give a raise to your reputation. It is crucial in today’s generation to have branded and pure material clothing that can set your standard.

These woolen pants are best in quality and made of pure material. They are not just for winter use but extremely comfortable in any other season. These are highly durable, lightweight, and premium, so they are perfect for daily use. Both formal and casual woolen pants are available in our online store.

An ultimate pair of pants can make you look more appealing as well as attractive, unlike other.our wool pants will never let you go out of style and give you a classic look. Our collection has variations of wool pants and different sizes, styles, and colors.

Why Choose Wool Pants?

Many brands are showering their new collections every day in the market. So it is an interesting question, that’s why you should get wool pants instead of any other fabric? You will be sure about its answer by the end of this article.

Wool is exceptionally beneficial to your body as compared to other clothing materials. It is the most natural material which maintains the quality for years. Considering the source, wool is warmer than other synthetic fabrics like silk, cotton, etc. Initially, due to the rough fiber of the wool, it can trap and insulate the heat.

The production of wool has always been expensive, but its benefits come in handy. Before the development of modern synthetics, everybody was fond of wool fabric as their outerwear. The maintenance of wool fabric is also effortless. It is easy to wash compared to other fabrics because it reacts to hot water by shrinking. It will not slide out of your hands, so you can easily wash it clean in a go.

Even in winters, people love to workout early in the morning. And we hate it when we get all sweaty in cold temperatures. Wool can save you from this trouble. These pants will keep you warm and dry even after you sweat. It’s a unique ability to repel water makes it an ultimate option in all seasons.

What Makes our Wool Pants so Unique?

It is kind of out there that wool is the best fabric for cold winter dresses and suits. But what makes wool so great and unique from other materials? This natural fabric undoubtedly has a lot of health benefits. Wool pants are more breathable and give you a relaxing sensation throughout your work. They are lightly weighted, which makes them ideal for wearing that for a long time. These are also pretty good when it comes to killing the unnecessary odor.

Let’s look at some benefits as to why wool pants are unique:

They are highly breathable

Wool pants are popular when it comes to being breathable. The robust fabric allows the natural flow of air while other synthetic only breathe through the space left between the fibers. It abides you from feeling clammy value sweat and thus prevents overheating is.

Wool keeps you dry

Wool fibers work great in wicking away the moisture. They do not let you feel any moisture-absorbing, about 30% of the humidity. Without letting you know, it enables the moisture to evaporate in the air.

It doesn’t sink easily

Premium wool pants don’t stink. Wool fabrics have antimicrobial properties, which make it highly odor resistant. As a result, bacterias cannot invade easily and grow on the fibers. So it makes you feel fresh all the time as there is no chance for any dirt.

Always keeps you warm in cold

The unique property of wool to insulate the body heat will always keep you warm. It doesn’t let the cold air come in contact with the hot air trapped inside the wool clothes. It is because its fibers are thin when it comes to trapping body heat. So it will absorb the moisture and will allow you to stay warm in a damp or cold day.

Ability to regulate temperature

Wool fabric contains thin fibers that allow air pockets to trap body heat. It provokes superb insulation. When the moisture begins to evaporate on a hot day, these air pockets will cool it down, making you feel relaxed.

Soft fabric

Natural wool fiber comes with scales. Wearing low branded or inferior quality wool can sting you with their scales. Our premium wool pants fabric is heavily treated before manufacturing. They are made into an ultra-soft fabric that will give you the softest touch ever. Our exclusive pants will keep you away from feeling itchy or rough.


Our wool fabric is an excellent water repellor. The fiber’s cortex absorbs the moistures, and its scales are quite hydrophobic. By its nature, wool can easily absorb moisture from the skin and keep you away from rain or snow. That is the reason why all the famous garments are woolen.


These fabrics can extinguish themselves naturally without getting caught on fire. It does not tend to stick or melt on the skin like other synthetics.

Where to Buy Wool Pants?

Now that we know wool pants are conveniently best for you, isn’t it time to get a pair for yourself? It’s tricky to find an online store that can offer genuine wool pants. We can’t be assured of the wool quality from any brand. Many brands tend to supply real wool fabric, but it is not always substantially pure. That’s why we bring you the best online store by which you can buy genuine wool pants. You can choose your favorite pair of pants from different sizes, colors, and styles.

  • From the beginning of the fashion era, our Wool pants have set the trend. The wool’s ability to mend with any other synthetics makes it versatile.
  • Our Wool pants are suitable for daily use because of their ability to withstand harsh rigors.
  • The wool fiber can easily bend over 20000 times before actual breakage.
  • The Wool fabrics’ flexibility will shock you in its performance terms.
  • Wool pants can maintain their quality for a long time. We also offer Wool dresses and coats.
  • Our Wool pants are entirely waterproof. It can absorb the water weight of approximately 30% and retain 80% from insulation. These qualities make our pants ideal for cold climate.
  • These offer supreme softness and durability. Superfine Wool fibers trap air packets easily to provide insulation.
  • Our Wool pants provide warmth in winter, keeping you comfortable throughout all the seasons.

Trending Woolen Clothes

Pearl Silk Navy Blue Striped Wollen Pants

These pants are among the exclusives from our collection. They can start a trend in the fashion and style industry while making you feel comfortable. These high-quality pants can be a savior in your workday and casual too. Be free enough to be cozy and warm in these wool pants. Style and comfort both come in handy with these pair of wool pants. These are the right combination of comfort and design, which will improve your look for better.

Striped Woolen Pants

Pearl Silk Navy Blue Striped Wollen Suit Pants

Wearing these dress pants can be a smart choice to look elegant. They are perfect for spring wear. Maintenance of these pants is easy as you can clean them by machine wash. Let yourself feel at ease with these comfortable pants. Fitting the context of your body perfectly, their comfort has no match. It can withstand many years of use for staying durable. There is no chance of colors fading for the formation with these pants.

You can stay cozy in a long day in this soft fabric. Any occasion will be right for these reliable, slim, comfy, and fashionable pants.

Striped woolen suit pant

Red Raspberry Black Wollen Pants

Our brand stands right for elegance, status, and class when it comes to women wear. You can stay formal and casual both at the same time with these stylish pants. It is a symbol of comfort and luxury simultaneously.

It will set a tone for the seasons if you wear it with your charming sandals. These are the essential part of women’s wardrobe. We have a variety of options in colors that you can choose accordingly. These trending wool pants will make you look more attractive. The perfect mixture of versatility, elegance, and versatility, are seamless for all your clothing needs.

Striped black woolen pants


At the end of this article, you can know now that wool pants are the most practical fabric over any other synthetic. It is the most superior kind of fiber because it offers maximum benefits. These pants can set the trend in fashion industries and change the way people look at you.

These are popular among people as they are comfortable wearing it in every season. These all-rounder pants will bring satisfaction and tailored sophistication all together. So without wasting any more time, click on the link above and get yourself the nicest of wool pants.

What to Wear in Winter: 10 Current Looks

In winters, when it seems that this weather will never end, it is important not to become discouraged. In order to not get sick, we advise you not to forget about warm tights, hats, and scarves. And for a good mood – take apart the closet and update the wardrobe. We collected ten winter sets for a variety of occasions, taking into account the latest trends. We tell you what to wear with bright fur coats, how to use layering and why long gloves indoors are a great idea.

Sheepskin Coat and Check Dress

Sheepskin coat is a salvation for those who constantly freeze in winter: it’s warm in it even without an additional layer. The main thing is to choose. For example,  Tory Burch showed long models covering their knees, and  Balenciaga – bulky and short.

Both that and others can be combined with everything in the world: from training to dresses in sequins. Sheepskin coat also looks great with neutral things that can be worn in the office – for example, a dress in a trendy tartan cage. Round off the look with stiletto heel ankle boots.

If you are going to walk along the street for a long time, do not forget about warm tights and socks. The latter can be bought at any mass market.

SHeepskin coat and check dress

A Voluminous Coat and a Classic Suit

The main thing is that under it you can put on several layers of clothing, including jackets, hoodies, hoodies, and cardigans. Thanks to this, such a coat is the most comfortable outerwear. The classic costume, which has undergone many changes, is also quite able to fit under it. If voluminous eighty-shouldered shoulders on trendy jackets confuse you, pay attention to minimalistic double-breasted options.

Coat and a classic suit

Printed Fur Coat and Pyjama Pants

In winter, the linen style seems inappropriate, but here you can adapt. You can always wear a turtleneck under combination dresses, and choose a warm sweater for light trousers. Choosing pajama pants, pay attention to the most fashionable fabrics: velvet and satin. A bright fur coat made of faux fur will help to complete the image – unusual prints are only welcome. If you do not decide to come to work in this form, then go to a party, you will instantly become the star of the evening.

Fur coat with pyjama pants

Fur Coat and Overalls in The Style of the ’80s

Another option that guarantees a fun pastime this winter is a bright jumpsuit in the style of the 80s. It may well become an outfit for the New Year. The trendy decade has especially strongly influenced the look of evening wear today: bright dresses and overalls can now be bought even in the mass market.

Jumpsuit with Fur Coat

Fur Coat with a Wide Belt and Wide Pants

How to organically wear both a belt and a corset over outerwear can be seen at the Prada show. In ordinary life, this is a great way to breathe a second life into a boring coat or fur coat. If the option with a  corset may seem too theatrical, then a large belt will suit any situation. The wide trousers that every second designer showed at the Fall-Winter Fashion Weeks can be replaced with culottes – they are more practical in a city where snow can suddenly turn into slush.

Fur coat with belt and wide trousers

New Renaissance Dress and Ankle Socks

Designers rethink the Renaissance: dresses of clear proportions, satin, large prints, sleeves, lanterns, conspicuous jewelry – a vivid trend that may well fit even in the wardrobe of a fan of minimalism.

See how subtly the Ellery brand interprets it: despite obvious connotations, their dresses look the most in the spirit of the times. Ankle boots-socks will complete the image – in case you can afford to wear something other than unkillable shoes in the winter.

Dress with Socks shoes

Dress and Long Gloves

Long gloves are the biggest hit of the season. In addition to being warm in them, they are increasingly playing the role of a noticeable accent: shooting them indoors, judging by the shows of  Marc Jacobs and  Delpolzo, is not necessary at all. The most problematic is to choose the right length. In a dress without sleeves in everyday life, you run the risk of looking too “undressed” in winter, and it is better to wear a thin top or turtleneck under it. Ankle boots with voluminous ruffles and dense tights will help balance the top.

Dress with Long Gloves

Knitted Dress and Boots

Knitwear is a mandatory winter trend that returns with enviable regularity. Ribbed woolen dresses are a universal thing that combines with warm sneakers and over the knee boots. If desired, a sweater dress can be worn with wide trousers.

Knitted Dress with Boots

Huge Down Jacket and Asymmetric Dress

Asymmetry, distortion of forms, hypertrophied volumes – all this is at the cutting edge of fashion. Can’t imagine yourself in a short down jacket and a dress, as if sewn from two different ones? Nothing, and for the followers of minimalism there is a field for experimentation. Take a closer look at the asymmetric denim dress, things for all times: in winter you can wear it with shirts and tops, and in summer – just like that.

Down Jacket with Asymmetric Dress

Short Huge Down Jacket and Vinyl Pants

The combination of red and black looks bright and catchy, so all street brands in the autumn-winter are actively using it. The main thing is to combine various textures: for example, vinyl with mohair, satin with velvet. A short down jacket is not the most practical thing for severe weather, but up to -5, it is quite possible to adapt it to your wardrobe.

Short down jacket with vinyl pants


Updating the wardrobe with the onset of the new season is not only necessary but also extremely pleasant for women. Fashion lawmakers have already decided what to wear with the advent of cold weather, fashion shows have died down and new ideas can be implemented. Also, know what to look out for when buying winter clothes.

How to Care for Woolen Clothes: Detailed Instruction

The season of sweaters and other woolen items of clothing is already open, therefore, proper care of things made of wool is now more important than ever.

How to turn expensive trousers from wool material into shorts? Very simple: wash them in hot water, they will immediately sit down and you will get the desired result.
*Disclaimer: This is a joke, please don’t try this on your woolen pants

There is a common joke that clothing manufacturers often print on tags with a washing mode: Do not know what these symbols mean? Give it to your friend/mother, she will do everything. And although this method really works in most cases, it’s good to be able to understand the intricacies of washing things yourself.

Washing T-shirts and socks are simple, but with woolen things, everything is simpler and more complicated at the same time: on the one hand, they are easy to spoil when improperly washed, and on the other, if you follow a few simple rules, everything will be in order. Let’s try to figure it out.

Woolen CLothes

What is this post about?

It will be about pants, but all instructions with the same success apply to scarves, hats and other knitted accessories. First of all, you need to look at the washing instructions on the tag. If it says there that you can wash in an automatic washing machine, then you are in luck. The main thing is to use gentle washing and spinning and make sure that the recommended temperature is not exceeded. Nevertheless, no one guarantees that even with the formal observance of instructions with a sweater, nothing will happen. Therefore, we recommend that you still wash it manually – especially when you consider that it is not at all difficult.

Also, check our post on how to buy good quality woolen pants.

Step by step instruction

Fill a sink or basin with cool water – it does not have to be icy; there is no need to freeze your hands.

Pour powder into the water or pour liquid detergent. Use only products designed for handwashing wool. They are easily recognizable by the image of balls of wool on the packaging and cheerful colors with a predominance of pink and blue.

Dip the sweater in water and let it soak completely in soapy water. Gently chat the sweater back and forth, do not yank it and do not rub the wool on itself – it can fall down. When the water becomes dirty – drain. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated, but usually enough once.

Fill the sink with clean, cool water and carefully rinse the sweater. If no powder is washed the first time, repeat.

Drain and carefully lift the sweater with a lump. Wool absorbs a huge amount of water and becomes very heavy. If you decide to raise the sweater by the shoulders or sleeves, then you risk stretching it. Gently squeeze the water from the sweater, but in no case do not twist it and do not stretch it.

Now the most interesting thing: put a slightly wrung out sweater on a large bath towel and carefully, but firmly roll them together into a roll. All excess water from the sweater is magically absorbed into the towel.

The sweater can not be hung to dry on a hanger, it must be carefully laid out – on a horizontal dryer, if any, or on another, dry towel. It remains to wait until it dries, and congratulations – you have a clean sweater.


  1. In fact, most woolen items (except for jackets and other items with glued parts) can be neatly washed, even if the label says only dry cleaning. The main thing is to be guided by common sense.
  2. For washing wool, baby shampoo can do.
  3. While the sweater is wet, it can be slightly shaped to your taste – in particular, stretch the sleeves if they are too short. Just do not overdo it.
  4. Wool is a very hygienic material. If you are not inclined to sweat excessively, pour sauces on yourself or spend long hours in a cigar club, then sweaters are enough to wash once or twice a year.
  5. Knitwear should not be hung on hangers – they will stretch under their own weight. They should be stored folded on a shelf.
  6. The coils from the sweater should not be torn off with your hands. For this, special scallops and even electric cars are sold.

With woolen fabrics, things are a little more complicated. A woolen suit is one of the few woolen things that cannot be washed in principle. Firstly, the woolen costume fabric is very thin and can lose its shape from washing.

Secondly, in the vast majority of jackets, in addition to the lightest, there is an inner lining that gives the jacket shape. After washing, it can swell, peel off, wrinkle – and then the jacket will almost certainly have to be sent to the trash. Therefore, the only way to fully clean a wool suit is to dry clean.

However, the fact that the suit cannot be washed does not mean that you do not need to follow it. Before you hang it in the closet, you should carefully brush it with a soft brush to remove particles of food, skin, dust, and dirt that could remain on it for a day – this will allow the costume to stay noticeably longer fresh and protect it from months.


  1. Choose either a dry cleaning checked by friends or a well-known network. It’s better to overpay a few hundred rubles than ruin an expensive suit – anything happens.
  2. The costume is best stored on a cedar hanger – cedar essential oils repel insects. In any case, the hanger should have wide shoulders and a wide enough horizontal bar for trousers – so that the weight of the fabric is distributed evenly. In no case do not leave the suit hanging on a wire hanger from a dry cleaning service.
  3. The suit should not be worn for two days in a row – like leather shoes, it needs a rest. This is especially true for very heavy fabrics such as winter wool flannels and very light fabrics such as Super 180 wool. Otherwise, the suit will wear very quickly.
  4. The only negative of dry cleaning is that it gradually destroys the fabric, so you should not abuse it and make the suit more often than once a year.

Check this post to know how to take care of your woolen pants.

An ultimate guide to buying wool pants

Wool conveys a sense of timely relevance and a classic approach to dressing. We prefer wool fabric when it comes to pants, and therefore, we bring you the guide presenting the best ways for you to have different kinds of weaved and colored woolen pants. Cloths and pants made from sheep’s hair are always formal and sophisticated, as well as casual and rustic. 

It’s still your personal choice; therefore, it’s essential to understand the context. Why are woolen trousers best worn throughout the day? What makes it so excellent and classic choice for business travelers as well? Let’s find out ahead.

Why Wear Wool?

Wool pants are smarter than jeans. They work well with sneakers or even a shirt. You can put brown suede shoes or a sports jacket on top, and still, it will look at its best. For a good party night, you will want to have a velvet blazer over your classic wool pants. Wherever you want to go, there will always be a pair of wool pants appropriate to match your other clothing accessories.

Woolen pants are best for all seasons because of its lightweight. Heavy wool pants are also available depending upon the occasion you want to wear them on. As they are highly durable fabric, it does not require too much- care. Just a few things you need to keep in mind is to dry clean them. You don’t even need to wash it daily as it doesn’t get dirty quickly. Just after 4 to 5 times of use, make sure you get it clean. It would be better if you store them with cedar chips and mothballs. Wool pant made from the longest strands of wool gives you the softest feel ever. 

Woolen Pants popular Amongst the Women

Women’s clothing options keep emerging and trending with new clothing coming out every year. In today’s era of women’s fashion, many different styles of pants are available for every occasion right from a morning jog to the evening cocktails. As more and more options are existing, women don’t compromise with their comfort. They have begun to look for the pants, which can be an all-rounder experience bringing the tailored sophistication and satisfaction. We offer a selection of women’s wool pants, which will match any occasion and will give you an appealing look.

Dress Pants

This basic women dress pants are often called as career pants. They are an essential part of women’s clothing. Classic black pants will look great with a fitted shirt or cashmere sweater. But don’t think about limiting yourself just to black as we have a variety of options in many colors, which you can see from the link below. Skinny pair of wool pants are good at creating a slender silhouette. Our designer pants will keep you trending, making you look attractive every time you wear it.

These pants are a perfect mix of wearability, versatility, and elegance. The concealed button allows you to adjust the pants and other heights as well as shoes without tailoring it. Trust me; our wool pants are worth your money as we know how expensive clothing can get these days. We provide you wool pants of premium quality, comfortable to wear, and easy to take care of, so they last longer. Our elegant wool pants can be stretchy, but they sure will not lose shape. 

Black Thin Wollen Suit Pants

Black Woolen pants

Casual pants

Be sure this year to stock your wardrobe with casual pants as you will have plenty of choices. Right from formal wear to casual pants, we have everything of your interest. Our casual wool pants are meant to be comfortable and do not put extra pressure on your pretty legs. They give you enough room to let the air pass and make you feel free. 

Wollen Slim Fit Pant

Woolen slim pants

Is Woolen Fabric better than the others?

You might have heard that wool is one of the best fabrics considered for cool-weather dresses, suits or slacks. Wool is a natural fabric that has many health benefits. The idea to wear a wool base layer for keeping yourself warm seemed strange in the previous era, but now we cannot resist it. This fabric surrounds us. It has established its reputation for being comfortable, light, and easy. Our modern wool fabric does an incredible job and gives you better benefits over synthetic becoming a great addition to your wardrobe.

Unknown benefits of Wool Fabric

Wool is a renewable natural renewable fiber that comes from the sheep. Woolen clothes are great for the environment as well. Let’s look at some reasons why you should prefer wool fabrics.

Wool pants are highly breathable

Wool garments are popularly known to be breathable down to the fiber level. Another synthetic tends to breathe only through the space between fibers of the fabric, but woolen fibers allow the natural flow of air. Wools’ breathability feature will not let you feel clammy even while you sweat, preventing you from overheating. 

Wool pants keep you dry

Wool fibers are mostly useful in wicking away moisture from your skin. They are capable of absorbing around 30% of the wetness and discard you from feeling any humidity. Keeping the wetness away from you it allows the moisture to evaporate in the environment without letting you feel anything.

Wool Fabric doesn’t stink

Our premium wool pants are highly odor resistant due to antimicrobial properties in the materials. It does not allow bacteria to invade in easily and eventually grow on the fibers of the fabric. Ultimately it lets you feel fresh all the time.

Our wool pants will keep you warm even being wet

Our fiber, which absorbs moisture, tends to release a small amount of heat, which will allow you to stay warm even on a cold, damp day. 

Excellent temperature regulation

The fabric of wool pants has thin fibers, which allowed the tiny air pockets to trap the body heat, provoking superb insulation. We know that moisture tends to evaporate on a hot day, and that’s why the air pockets help to cool it down, making you feel comfortable. 

High warm to weight ratio

A wool pant is significantly warmer compared to synthetic pants of the same fabric.


Nicely treated wool fibers before the production of woolen clothes reduce the prominence of natural scales. Keeping it completely natural can cause rough and itchy feeling, and therefore we keep our wool pants exclusive by properly giving them the care they need. 

Water-repelling property

Specially made woolen fabric to absorb and repel water. The cortex of fiber is responsible for absorbing the moisture, whereas the scales fiber’s outer periphery are hydrophobic. Due to this, wool can absorb moisture simultaneously from the skin and retains from the external moisture like snow or rain. The scales on the wool garment keeps it dry even after absorbing the moisture.

Low flammability

Wool fabric tends to extinguish itself naturally without catching on fire. It does not melt or stick to the skin like other synthetic.

From where can you buy Woolen pants? 

Now we all know how unique and convenient wool pants are, the question arises that where you can get them? It is challenging to find an online store that provides wool pants with pure fabric. Many stores claim to offer genuine wool pants, but we can never be sure of the quality they provide. Even the expensive pair of pants can be cheap in condition nowadays. So here we give you the best online store for buying wool pants giving a hundred percent surety on the purity of fabric. Here you can get the most popular types of wool pants in all the colors, sizes, and types. 

Our wool has always been a prized textile in women’s clothing since the era of fashion. Over millennia, various techniques for weaving, spinning, and knitting were refined to reach modern manufacturing techniques. The ability to blend materials have made our clothing fabrics more versatile. Wool is the most used natural fiber in almost all departments of clothing. 

  • Our wool pants can withstand the daily use of rigors.
  • The specialty of our wool pants is that they can bend over more than 20000 times before they break. You will see the performance of these pants will shock you.
  • Our brand also makes the top choice for suits and wool sport coats. They can withstand wear and tear and maintain its good look and shape for a long time.
  • Wool material is waterproof. It absorbs 30% of the water weight and retains 80% of the insulating property being wet, which makes it ideal for cold climates.

Our wool pants are known for their supreme softness durability. We use superfine wool fibers that can trap tiny pockets of air for providing insulation.

  • Our wool trousers offer several modifications in dress pants, which elevate them about business casuals. This provides warmth in winter also makes you comfortable in the spring or fall season.

Most popular Woolen Pants of 2020

White Waxberry Wollen Pants

This pair of excellent fabric woolen pants can replace any other fabric. It will start a trend in the fashion industry, simultaneously keeping you warm and comfortable. Making you look exceptional, it goes with every sandal or shoes. These high-quality wool pants will serve you well through the casual day and your work. You can stay warm and cozy with this awesome wall fans suitable for any temperatures in the winter fall or spring season.

White Woolen Pants

Pearl Silk Soft Wollen Spring Pants

If you want to think of style and comfort at the same time, this pair of wool pants can match both criteria. Made with pure wool, this pair of pants are the ideal combination of strength and comfort all year round. It has a slim fit design, which will make you look fresh and smart. They are easy and comfortable to wear throughout the day, making it durable and long-lasting. These wool pants are merely elegant, and its deep blue color makes it more versatile for all the occasions. Their ultra-soft texture will provide you warmth and comfort.

Silk Woolen pants

Waxberry Black Grey Plaid Wollen Pants

You can wear this dress pants as a choice to look smart. Made of soft woolen fabric makes it perfect for spring wear look. It is easy to take care of; you can wash it by your hands or by machine wash. You can feel it is with branded and comfortable pants for women. These provide the best fit for the context of a body and the comfort which has no match. These wool pants will withstand many years of use. Supplying the soft fabric, we assure you to stay cozy for a long day. These slim, comfy, reliable, and fashionable pants are suitable for many occasions with no deformation and fading of colors.

When it comes to women’s wear, our brand stands for class, status, and elegance. Providing formal wear, you can stay stylish. It symbolizes luxury and comfort wear at the same time — jazz up your clothing selection with our branded wool pants. You can set the tone for the seasons when you wear this with shiny sandals.

Black Grey Woolen Pants


Concluding, wearing any other fabric over wool is impractical. None of the other clothing material offers as many benefits as wool. They can’t wick water and absorb the moisture. Wool is the only fabric that possesses these benefits and also goes in all seasons. Therefore it is popular among people because they can buy it and use it throughout the year as it is not seasonal. So now, you know that wool pants are the best choice you can make for your attire without wasting much time click on the above links and grab a pair of wool pants for yourself.

Quality Never goes out of style with our woolen pants.

We live in a world where there is no shortage of clothing brands. There are many options available in different companies with different raw materials used. You probably would have tried most of them without realizing the differences. Some serve the purpose useful while some do not. 

Wearing the right outfit is, no doubt, an essential self-care routine. The first thing that people notice about you is how you dress and how you look. Having a good sense of fashion and excellent choice in clothing makes you exceptional and different from other regular people. 

I’m pretty sure you might have had a good understanding of fashion till now, but do you know it can be better? You don’t need to do extra like you are going to some Red carpet, but you sure need to scale up some standard in your fashion. Even simple clothing like a napkin can tell about your fashion sense. So let’s dive deep into what you need to buy in 2020.

Woolen Pants

Are Woolen Pants Fabric Better Than Other Cloths?

Wool is famous in the clothing industry and serves its purpose efficiently. It is one of the most affordable natural materials which can maintain its quality for a long time if you take care properly.

When we compare wool with other fabrics like cotton, silk, or other synthetics, wool is much warmer than all of them because the fiber of wool has a rough surface so that its cloth can trap more air and insulate the heat. There are several advantages to wearing natural wool as well.

Before modern synthetics developed, wool was the most preferred outfit to wear and go on their daily lives. It is more expensive to produce wool rather than other fabrics. 

Our wool pants react to hot water by shrinking and becoming stiff; hence, it is easy to wash wool rather than cotton. All have their benefits, but In the end, wool is more durable, comfortable, and easy to wear. 

You might have observed when you perform workout during winters. Still, you will start getting sweaty because of body heat trapped in your clothes. Wool pants stay warm even if it’s wet. However, it is not true that it remains scorched even after we sweat or perspire. Its ability to insulate and repel water makes it the best option for any season.


Collection of Our Unisex Casual Woolen Pants

No doubt, wool is the best thing ever to wrap around your body in winter. It’s super warm and can retain the warming abilities even being wet. Our woolen trousers come with natural disinfectant, so you don’t have to wash them often unless it gets dirty.

Many online stores are available, which offer various fabric made fashion wears. But in this article, you will see some of the best winter wears which are exclusive in quality, made from premium material, and will keep you warm throughout the season.

Here are the most popular woolen pants for men:

Harem Cotton Loose Casual Woolen Pants 

These casual woolen pants would soon be trending the charts and be popular among both men and women. It is suitable to use every day and will look appropriate even in outdoor situations. It comes in two colors, coffee brown, and dark grey. You can choose your perfect fit among the available sizes, which are medium, extra-large, and XXL. It is highly suitable for autumn and winter use. Giving you a neat and charming look, it is quite fashionable.

Woolen Harem Pants

How to Tell if You Have Pure Woolen Cloth

We all know that a sheep is god’s gift to humanity. We get milk, meat, skincare products, and many types of clothing because of them. Presently our knowledge in organic chemistry is running wide that production of something that feels like wool by merely touching it makes us believe that it’s pure wool. But it’s not always true. 

There is a good chance that even after buying expensive wool, you are likely to be scammed. So is there a way to make sure your wool cloth is pure? The easiest and reliable test to find out genuine wool is the burn test. By this test, you can determine whether wool is made up of animal skin or from another synthetic material. However, it does not guarantee the animal to be a sheep; it can be a dog as well. For instance, if you get dog hair and then do a burn test, it will give you the same result as that of a sheep hair, including the smell. 

If you come across an exotic type of fabric made of wool mixed with other synthetics like angora or yak or just another cheap wool then, you will be out of luck. 

No matter how expensive the material is, there is no defined way to tell whether it is a sheep’s wool or extra-fine merino wool unless you have a chemistry lab. Still, to make sure that your cloth is pure or not, the burn test will succeed almost every time. The complication will come if the wool is blending with another synthetic stuff.

As there is no sure way to know about its purity, many brands and industries sell mixed wool with other materials at expensive rates, and you will never know. The percentage of wool can be deficient in your clothing, and still, you could not do anything because of a lack of knowledge. 

To get over this problem, we bring you premium wool clothing, which is tested in labs to be pure and most beautiful wool. These wool pants will keep you warm and completely comfortable. You can wear them as long as you wish without worrying about getting it dirty. As it is a good quality wool, it prevents easy catch of dirt. 


Does Your Clothing Matter?

Your attire says a lot regarding you, and so does your clothing style. You can walk into a room looking all fashionable, and people automatically start noticing you. So the harsh reality is, no matter how you are on the inside, clothing does matter when you want to impress. Excellent colors or fitting is not as important as its material. 

Wearing a cheap material can say a lot of bad things about you while a genuine content speaks for itself. In the modern era, where you want to look unique, you must have pure material clothing to set your standard. Apart from just being for winter use, woolen material is used to produce a wide variety of clothing for other purposes like regular trousers or work pants. Being extremely comfortable, lightweight, and durable because of its premium quality, you can use these wool pants every day. You can get yourself a pair of from a collection of casual pants or formal wears. Both of them will serve the purpose in the best way possible. 

Our wool pants are available in many colors and different sizes, so you don’t have to worry about your skin color suiting the clothing color. By never going out of style, these wool pants can give you a classy look without even trying. Other than getting wool pants, you can also grab pure woolen suits. Wearing an excellent woolen suit will make you more appealing and attractive, unlike other regular ones. 


Wollen Pants for Women

Women give a lot of thought about the dresses they buy. The tops and shirts are taking much more attention to girls, unlike bottoms. You can use the same bottom most of the time, but you need to change your top every day so that you have different looks to carry whenever you go out. Pants don’t get much attention because people don’t know what a luxury they can be if you have the right pair. 

They come in every material type, but did you know the most comfortable pair of pants that can be a blessing to comfort and fashion? And the honor goes to woolen pants. They are not just some regular pants you have worn until now. They can outshine every other clothing in the room and give you all the attention you wanted.

Pants are indeed the most common bottoms we use below our tops. Especially to a woman, wearing matching, fitting, and a good pair of pants is very important. Classic colors like black, white, and cream are more in demand today rather than bright colors. It’s often hard to find pant which can serve all your wishes like proper fitting, color combination, premium material under budget. If you are looking for these, you have come just in the right place.

Here is the most popular pant from women’s collection:

White Woolen Pants     

These are indeed a fashion icon. Made from pure wool, these are suitable for your workplace and any other formal occasion. Fabric is available in pure white color. You can buy it from the link given below.

White Woolen Suit Pant

Most Trending Woolen Pants in 2020

Designer Fashion Black Woolen Suit

It’s a short woolen dress for women, made from premium material, giving a trendy look. It is available in four sizes large, extra-large, medium, small.

This deep black-colored woolen cloth has romantic cuffs in them, giving you a dashing personality. Including dimensional cut and modified stature, it uniquely depicts fashion. Detailed wool work makes it exceptional and attractive. Available in black color, grab woolen suit right now as it can never go out of style.

Black Woolen Suit

Demon Slayer Red Kimono Dress

Kimono has always been fashionable among Japanese custom wear, and it has been trending since then worldwide. We offer you the most genuine fabric-made kimono, which is better than any other option available in the market. It is possible for both women and men. A wide variety of size options are available, including small, medium, XL, XXL, XXXL.

Red Kimono Woolen Dress


Pearl Silk Light Camel Wollen Spring Pants

Available in light camel color, this premium woolen pants are made from silk wool. The striped fabric gives you an attractive look while looking classy.

Silk Woolen Pants


Cotton Woolen Trousers

These casual woolen trousers are perfect for daily use. When you are tired of wearing anything tight like jeans and still want to look appealing then, this is the best option for you. Being highly stretchable and comfortable, It comes in black color. You can get your perfect fit from double XL, 5XL, and 3XL.

Cotton Woolen Pants


These casual woolen pants and suits are very much suitable in every season and occasion. You don’t need just to wear it in winter as it will not give you extra heat in other seasons. Specially designed to fit your body and warm you up when it’s required, making you feel comfortable. Best in the budget, we give you genuine wool pants and dresses which you will love.

best Woolen Pants