In winters, when it seems that this weather will never end, it is important not to become discouraged. In order to not get sick, we advise you not to forget about warm tights, hats, and scarves. And for a good mood – take apart the closet and update the wardrobe. We collected ten winter sets for a variety of occasions, taking into account the latest trends. We tell you what to wear with bright fur coats, how to use layering and why long gloves indoors are a great idea.

Sheepskin Coat and Check Dress

Sheepskin coat is a salvation for those who constantly freeze in winter: it’s warm in it even without an additional layer. The main thing is to choose. For example,  Tory Burch showed long models covering their knees, and  Balenciaga – bulky and short.

Both that and others can be combined with everything in the world: from training to dresses in sequins. Sheepskin coat also looks great with neutral things that can be worn in the office – for example, a dress in a trendy tartan cage. Round off the look with stiletto heel ankle boots.

If you are going to walk along the street for a long time, do not forget about warm tights and socks. The latter can be bought at any mass market.

SHeepskin coat and check dress

A Voluminous Coat and a Classic Suit

The main thing is that under it you can put on several layers of clothing, including jackets, hoodies, hoodies, and cardigans. Thanks to this, such a coat is the most comfortable outerwear. The classic costume, which has undergone many changes, is also quite able to fit under it. If voluminous eighty-shouldered shoulders on trendy jackets confuse you, pay attention to minimalistic double-breasted options.

Coat and a classic suit

Printed Fur Coat and Pyjama Pants

In winter, the linen style seems inappropriate, but here you can adapt. You can always wear a turtleneck under combination dresses, and choose a warm sweater for light trousers. Choosing pajama pants, pay attention to the most fashionable fabrics: velvet and satin. A bright fur coat made of faux fur will help to complete the image – unusual prints are only welcome. If you do not decide to come to work in this form, then go to a party, you will instantly become the star of the evening.

Fur coat with pyjama pants

Fur Coat and Overalls in The Style of the ’80s

Another option that guarantees a fun pastime this winter is a bright jumpsuit in the style of the 80s. It may well become an outfit for the New Year. The trendy decade has especially strongly influenced the look of evening wear today: bright dresses and overalls can now be bought even in the mass market.

Jumpsuit with Fur Coat

Fur Coat with a Wide Belt and Wide Pants

How to organically wear both a belt and a corset over outerwear can be seen at the Prada show. In ordinary life, this is a great way to breathe a second life into a boring coat or fur coat. If the option with a  corset may seem too theatrical, then a large belt will suit any situation. The wide trousers that every second designer showed at the Fall-Winter Fashion Weeks can be replaced with culottes – they are more practical in a city where snow can suddenly turn into slush.

Fur coat with belt and wide trousers

New Renaissance Dress and Ankle Socks

Designers rethink the Renaissance: dresses of clear proportions, satin, large prints, sleeves, lanterns, conspicuous jewelry – a vivid trend that may well fit even in the wardrobe of a fan of minimalism.

See how subtly the Ellery brand interprets it: despite obvious connotations, their dresses look the most in the spirit of the times. Ankle boots-socks will complete the image – in case you can afford to wear something other than unkillable shoes in the winter.

Dress with Socks shoes

Dress and Long Gloves

Long gloves are the biggest hit of the season. In addition to being warm in them, they are increasingly playing the role of a noticeable accent: shooting them indoors, judging by the shows of  Marc Jacobs and  Delpolzo, is not necessary at all. The most problematic is to choose the right length. In a dress without sleeves in everyday life, you run the risk of looking too “undressed” in winter, and it is better to wear a thin top or turtleneck under it. Ankle boots with voluminous ruffles and dense tights will help balance the top.

Dress with Long Gloves

Knitted Dress and Boots

Knitwear is a mandatory winter trend that returns with enviable regularity. Ribbed woolen dresses are a universal thing that combines with warm sneakers and over the knee boots. If desired, a sweater dress can be worn with wide trousers.

Knitted Dress with Boots

Huge Down Jacket and Asymmetric Dress

Asymmetry, distortion of forms, hypertrophied volumes – all this is at the cutting edge of fashion. Can’t imagine yourself in a short down jacket and a dress, as if sewn from two different ones? Nothing, and for the followers of minimalism there is a field for experimentation. Take a closer look at the asymmetric denim dress, things for all times: in winter you can wear it with shirts and tops, and in summer – just like that.

Down Jacket with Asymmetric Dress

Short Huge Down Jacket and Vinyl Pants

The combination of red and black looks bright and catchy, so all street brands in the autumn-winter are actively using it. The main thing is to combine various textures: for example, vinyl with mohair, satin with velvet. A short down jacket is not the most practical thing for severe weather, but up to -5, it is quite possible to adapt it to your wardrobe.

Short down jacket with vinyl pants


Updating the wardrobe with the onset of the new season is not only necessary but also extremely pleasant for women. Fashion lawmakers have already decided what to wear with the advent of cold weather, fashion shows have died down and new ideas can be implemented. Also, know what to look out for when buying winter clothes.

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