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If you are into fashion, wool clothing is not a new term for you. The extreme versatility of wool allows it to offer many kinds of benefits you cannot imagine from a single fabric. This textile fiber is produced by sheep and other similar animals like goats, or cashmere for basic attires. It is different from cotton, which is mainly cellulose as wool is made of protein and lipids.

Also, have a look at the latest pants trend to wear in winter.

If you want to determine the quality of good wool, then check its yield, staple strength, and color. The major part of the industry consumed by wool is clothing; other than that, it is also used for making saddle cloths, blankets, carpets, horse rugs, and upholstery. It is highly recommended because of its various benefits, which proves it to be the best of all. It has the ability to absorb odors or noise in stereo speakers. Woolen garments are determined to prevent sweet rashes, excessive heat, or moisture.

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Why are Wool Pants Best for Winter?

Woolen sweaters are mostly used for the winter season, but have you wondered why? Not just a wool sweater, all woolen clothes possess the same property. These are idle because they provide insulation simultaneously wicking away the moisture. Whereas synthetic fiber traps the sweat close to your body, making you feel uncomfortable and sticky, wool does something different. It absorbs and wicks away the wetness so you will not feel any stickiness.

The wool comes in many different grades and types. A sweater can be made from anything among sheep, black, rabbit, goats, or llama. Each of them offers different washing characteristics, softness, and durability. Sheep fiber is most commonly used for the clothing industry. Other coarse and cheapest kinds of fibers are used for making carpets. Only the better and stronger quality wool staples are used for making clothing.

Let’s find out how wool can be more beneficial to you when compared to other synthetics.

Wool Pants Will Keep You Warm

Our wool pants can keep you warm in cold weather. Before we shed off the woolen fur off the animals, they grew it in the first place to stay warm under all weather conditions. Even the most delicate hairs of this can maintain your body temperature. When you work out or exercise, it will keep you warm when these activities tire you.

Wool Fibers are Soft and Safe

Research from the UK found that wearing wool fabrics give a better night’s sleep compared to other synthetics. Its natural property of wicking and insulating controls the sleeper’s microclimate. The keratin protein in wool can absorb one-third of the own weight in water before you feel any dampness. A study was done on the thermal insulation and properties of moisture management for wool fabrics compared to other synthetics. As a result, wool fabric allowed 67% more escape of moisture over 80 hours. Ultimately the result came out that wool is twice as durable as other polyesters.

Wool Pants are an Excellent Insulator

It’s the primary characteristic of wool to be an excellent insulator. Our pants will keep you warm and cozy by trapping the air between fibers. It allows your body moisture to evaporate in air through the fabric, which in turn will keep your skin dry and clean. As it maintains steady body temperature, you can wear woolen clothes in winter as well as summer. Its insulating and wicking properties make it unique and different from others.

Wool Pants are Recyclable and Renewable

So it turns out that wool is also eco-friendly. It’s a natural renewable product. The most common animals who produce wool each year are goats, sheep, and rabbits. All of them possess different properties. Cashmere goat produces fine silky wool, which is three times warmer than that of sheep.

When the wool fabrics are used and discarded, you can recycle and make new products out of them. For instance, and old wool, the cloth can be remanufactured into roof insulation. In the case where recycling is not possible, they are added to compost. They will be used to add fertilizer in an unproductive landfill.

Maintaining Wool Clothing

As wool is a natural product, it has proteins in its fiber, which can be destroyed by unsuitable chemical treatments. But wool is stronger than other fabrics and more resistant to natural wear and tear. Regular human-made synthetic will not be able to compete with the durability of wool. If treated properly, your wool fabric can last as long as you wish it to be.

Protect from Heat

It’s a common thing when it comes to any kind of clothing. If you want it to maintain its color and strength for a long time, you might want to keep it in the shade. Putting it under direct heat is not recommended as it can alter the protein structures. That is the reason why the wool fabric is not ironed but steamed and then pressed by unheated weights for smoothing it out. In case of minor wrinkles, you can just hang on the wall of your bathroom while taking a hot shower. If there is still something which is not improved by hanging on the wall, then cleaning it should do the job.

Don’t Keep it Wet for Long

When you dip a wool fabric in water, make sure that you will dry it as soon as you are done with it. Wet wool can lose about one-third of its strength when it’s wet. Do not stretch your garment in that condition. After you have cleaned it, just take it out and lay it flat rather than hanging on a hanger. Do not let stress develop on any part of your garment as it can be permanent. Make sure you let it dry naturally without applying any external heating measures.

Be Careful with Dry Cleaning

As we know that both water and heat can weaken the wool, you should not use standard machine washer for them. However, dry cleaning is the most used method for cleaning wool garments. It is cheaper, and you need to do it rarely. To avoid doing it more, you should brush your clothes whenever you take them off. Only dry clean them when they are soiled or smell bad. If you dry clean them more than enough, it will turn the wool fibers brittle over time. Give the garments some rest between cleaning intervals.

Storage area

If you want a good life to your wool garments, then you will have to combat their 3 enemies, which are light, heat, and insects. To combat heat storage, you just need to make sure that your wardrobe doesn’t heat up in summer, and you will be OK. Now to combat light, you need to make sure that your garments are not stored in an attic for a long term basis without any supervision. If too much light gets in, there is a chance your garments will start losing their charm and color. Insects and mites are the most significant danger for any fabric. A proven way to combat this is to put moth balls around the corners of your storage. Get good quality mothballs which are free from toxic and can leech in the clothes over time.

Now it’s time for a bonus tip. To make your wool coats or jackets look good, you need to get a wooden hanger with a curved shape. Your coat adapts to the shape of the hanger, so choose wisely whether it should be rounded or straight.

All these tips are straightforward to remember, and of course, if you want something to last longer, you need to take some precautions.

Why Choose our Wool Pants

While many things are available in the market, you might wonder what is unique in our product. Our wool pants are proven to give superior performance to any other human-made synthetic fibers. This naturally occurring fiber has so many amazing benefits like-

Our Pants are Wrinkle-free

Our wool pants are highly compatible when it comes to resisting wrinkles.

The woolen fabric acts as a spring. Due to its natural crimp, it returns to its natural shape after being stretched for up to 30%. Its complex coiling structure gives it an excellent resilience against getting flat or hard. You can count on our wool pants to maintain their shaped good as new.

Our Pants are Hypoallergenic

Yes, you read, right! Our pants are resistant to bacteria, mildew, and mold that can trigger some sort of allergic reaction.

Pollution Resistant

Of course, if you are working outside, you cannot have a pollution-free environment everywhere you go. The free radicals of such surroundings can dirty your clothes and make them look dull. Here comes the most powerful feature of our pants, which is being pollution resistant. Not only our pants can resist it, but it has the ability to suppress it and not re-emit. Another good news is if you use wool fabric in your interiors, it can help to purify the insides for as long as 30 years.

They can Insulate Well

The super thermal insulation property of our pants gives you a balanced atmosphere. This means that it will keep you cool in the summer season and warm in winter.

Goodbye to Dust Mites

Dust mites are a common problem we all face in keeping our clothing young. As we know, this kind of mites need moisture to survive and grow; wool turns out to be an inhospitable environment. Our wool pant has microscopic pores that can respond effectively in changing the humidity. Ultimately it makes an unfavorable condition for the breeding and growth of house dust mite.

These Pants are Antistatic

Usually, all fabrics tend to create static electricity. This static is responsible for attracting dirt, dust, and lint. It results in spoiling the show of your cloth.

Unlike other synthetics, our wool pants will rarely generate any static electricity, as it is a quality natural fiber. Eventually, it will keep your pants clean, so you will not need to worry about dry cleaning it more than often.

Easy to Clean

It is a hassle to clean clothes properly. With wool, you don’t need to worry about it. You can easily clean our wool pants.

The outside of the wool fiber is made of overlapping scales series. All the dirt and dust sits on the upper laying surface of the fiber, which makes it easy to remove.

Our Pants are Flame Resistant

Wool fabric is already difficult to ignite, but with gentle treatment and care during the manufacture of our wool pants, it is nearly impossible. It has heat release and low flame spread properties. It doesn’t melt as it possesses superior to self extinguish qualities.

Our Pants Come From Renewable Source Wool

We have already seen in this article that wool is a natural fiber that is renewable and recyclable. Each year wool-producing animals like sheep produce a fleece, which makes wool a natural renewable resource. No one has developed a process by now that can reproduce the wool synthetically. This means there is no head-scratching for wool making industry, the use of toxic chemicals in its manufacture, and no harm to the environment as well.

Our Pants are Eco-friendly

When you have used your pants for way too long, and you want to throw it out, don’t hesitate as it is naturally biodegradable. The wool used for our woolen pants is extremely renewable and sustainable, as it is a totally natural product. Being 100% biodegradable makes it an ideal fabric as it is an increasing concern for protecting our environment.

2020 Winter Solid Color High Waist Pants

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Our wool as the finest fabric and clothing industry. The fineness of the fabric is what makes the cloth look excellent in terms of its appearance. This luxury fabric is practical, sturdy, and good looking. Its brilliant properties like water resistance, resiliency, warmth, study, make it one of the best in the fashion industry. So look no further and grab yourself pair of wool pants from the links above

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