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Clothing is basic, but fashion is a necessity. One can’t ignore the fashion and demand to look outstanding. Confidence is necessary if you want to stand up for yourself and make a difference in the world. And confidence comes from style. It’s a harsh reality that people will take you sincerely only when you are confident about yourself. It comes from within and the way you present yourself: the outfit you wear, the material of your outfit ( wool, synthetic, etc. ) wool the hygiene, the color combinations, and everything.

Woolen clothes

So basically, a good pair of the outfit is a must-have if you want to slay the day. Initially, the right outfit is made from the fabrics wool, cotton, or synthetic. Many people know how to take care of synthetic or cotton garments but not about wool. Wool is different and unique. But a good quality comes with a price, so you need to take special care of your woolen clothes if you want that kind of unique attire. 

Why Wear Woolen Clothes?

Wool is a versatile and mostly worn kind of cloth for anybody. The specialized fields in which woolen fabric trends are dress, trousers, gloves, coats, sweaters, neckties, suits and jackets, talking cats, socks, hats and the list goes on. Wool has so many benefits that make it different and preferred over other fabrics. Sturdy wool pants have some essential qualities that other material lacks such as-

Better Appearance

Wool fabrics come with rich deep texture. Its versatility allows it to be fine as silk threads and also like coarse, thick yarns. The resulting wool fabric can range from extremely lightweight soft to touch to the hairy and heavy garment. In other words, wool pants have the body and richness that no different fabric can match.

Gives Warmth

You might have heard that wool is a hot fabric. Its unique property to hold the heat inside works exceptionally well in cold weather. The fine hairs in wool fabric trap the air and close it near the body, which helps to keep you warm. Even a thin jacket can provide you the warmth that is unbeatable compared to other fabrics.


Tailors and designers prefer wool for suit jackets as wool can hold the shape for a longer time. People always hang wool jackets instead of folding them because it is the fabric’s tendency to take shape and hold onto it. So to avoid any folds or creases, it is better to hang them up on the wall. This wool fabric can hold or resist worn patches for a longer time compared to cotton. 20 or 30 years will be nothing if you treat your wool garments properly. Under good guidance, they have the possibility to stay good as new as long as you use them.

Water Resistance

Another great property is that wool is water-resistant. The fabric which is untreated still happens to have fatty lanolin of the original animal, which is extremely waterproof. Even fine wools can give you the protection. They are absorbent and will soak up about 20% of the weight in water before the beginning of the leak. That is the reason fisherman and sailors travel in extremely wet conditions, and cold climates prefer tight women wool sweaters for their protection.

So here’s why you should put up with wool care and wool prices. As the quote says, ‘With great luxury comes great quality’. Our wool pants are highly practical, study, and good looking. We only recommend overcoats, suits or pants made from primary and luxury wool.

Red Raspberry White Wollen Pants

White Woolen Pants

How to Wash Your Wool Clothes

Don’t be scared when it comes to washing your wool clothes. Our sheep and merino wool fabric can easily survive rain, snow, and wind so, you don’t need to worry about it surviving a washing machine either.

Our wool fabrics generally don’t need to be washed after every other use because it is odorless and stain-resistant. If you want to give a quick refresh, just brush your wool trousers and hang them up in a steamy bathroom to remove any creases. However, if you really want to wash it, just go through a care claim on the sew-in label.

Washing in a Machine

The first step would be turning your wool pants inside out. If your washing machine happens to have a wool cycle, then you can wash it in about 40 degree Celsius of temperature. However, in the absence of a wool cycle, it is highly recommended to use cold water for delicates.

Washing by Hands

Here too, the first step would be to turn your wool pants inside out. This step is for those wool garments which only suggest hand wash and do not support machines. The best temperature recommended is 30-degree Celsius in lukewarm water using a gentle and mild detergent. Soak your wool fabric for 10 minutes before rinsing in lukewarm water and then in cold water. Keep in mind that hand wash is the best option for any fabric.

Care Instructions- How Your Pants can Stay Resilient for a Longer Time

We have all heard about essential maintenance tips for our clothes, like keeping different colored fabrics apart from each other when they are wet to avoid color bleeding. Let’s take a look at how you can care for your wool pants so that they look good as new forever.

Before Wash Instructions

Well, this is kind of obvious still, do not forget to empty the pockets and remove belts or any other accessories from the pants to avoid bulging. While storing ensure they are zipped and buttoned.


This is specifically recommended for woven garments. You can brush garments lengthwise with the help of a soft garment brush. This will remove the surface soil, which can become stains later on. It is a crucial step as dust and dirt can make the wool fabrics dull, so make sure you brush them clean.


Not everyone is aware of this method. This is indeed a very crucial step in removing food odors or cigarette odors from garments. You just need to lay your wool fabric flat on the bed for an hour. After that, you can hang them up in fresh air on the hanger.

Hanging Woven, Fold Knits

Woven garments are meant to be hung on padded or shaped coat hangers. While knitted garments would be kept best if they are folded or stored in a drawer.


Make it a habit to give the wool garments the rest of 24 hours before you wear them again. This gives the spring and natural resilience of wool fiber recovery in time and returning in its original shape.


You can refresh wool garments after unpacking. Or you can have them in your steamy bathroom before you wear it as the moisture will remove all the wrinkles.

Away from heat and direct sunlight

To dry wet wool, dry at the average room temperature and not under direct sunlight or heat.


However, many wool fabrics do not need ironing, but smooth materials tend to look better that way. While pressing the wool pants, always use steam. Avoid ironing the fabric when it’s dry.

Lightweight Fabric Care

It is seen that lighter wool fabrics take longer time to shed their creases. You can remove the wrinkles by ironing it using a damp cloth.

Long term storage

You need to ensure that your wool garment is clean before you pack it in airtight bags or containers. As we know, body oil or food stains can attract moths, it is recommended to use Woolmark and closed mouth repellent to avoid the situation.

How to Choose Perfect Colored Wool Pants

Colour combination is an exciting thing that you cannot avoid if you want to look classy. You can’t just walk out to your office, looking all confused. Wearing right colored bottoms over their perfectly matched tops is the essential part of your attire.

Sadly many people who claim to be fashion nerds can’t seem to get the combinations right. There’s no dilemma when it comes to black and white, but you need to give it a thought when it comes to other diverse colors. Gladly you are not the only one who cannot differentiate between contrast colors and the right combination. So here, you will learn how to get the perfect colored pants, which will match your outfit.

You will look your ultimate best on the occasions and at your workplaces once you know how to choose the colors.

1. Matching and contrast

We come up with a pair of pants that always look cool and friendly in any occasion. You can avoid all the blunders from committing a wrongly chosen contrast colors and go for this one for your best look. A perfect contrast means having the right balance between light and dark tone. The good idea is to choose a lighter shade for the top and dark for your pants.

Waxberry Black Grey Plaid Wollen Pants

Black Grey Plaid woolen pants

2. Careful with Patterns and Checks

If you are physic is slim, then go for or pattern having bigger checks. On the contrary, if you are stout, then choose strips. If you are wearing a striped shirt, ensure that it matches the shade of your pants being almost similar to each other.

3. Right fabrics

You may think about what fabric has to do with the color tones, but you are wrong. Every color reflects differently when it is indifferent fabrics. Woolen pant stands to give classy looks and deep shades that are perfect for pants.

4. Some universal colors

There’s a whole other category of people who you do not understand these color combination concepts, nor do they want to invest their time in such things. Some most genuine and universal colored pants which can suit any other colors are navy, grey, cream, khaki, and black. These are the must-have woolen pants for your wardrobe.

Khaki wool pant

It is very trendy as it is versatile enough to match with any other shirt. It can be used on a formal day as well as for casual dress code.

Shirt colors that match khaki pants are: red, maroon, white, blue, green, black, contrast brown, purple, peach, magenta, and grey.

Black wool pant

Here comes the most loved color of all the outfits. We all know it’s a universal color and can match any colored top or shirt among all the diverse colors. Luckily you can get quality black colored wool pants from our Store.

Pearl Silk Black Thin Wollen Pants

Black Thin Woolen Pants

Standard shirt colors which match black wool pants are:

White, light grey, light yellow, red, blue, maroon, purple, bright orange, green, etc.

Cream Wool Pants

Just like black and khaki, cream color also shows a wide variety of matching colors, including sea green, maroon, pink, black, purple, and navy blue. Do not forget to keep in mind the fundamental tone of your dark-colored shirt or top before you put on a cream trouser.

Grey Trouser

Grey is a must for any formal attire. If you want to give a speech, if you’re going to work every day or some shopping, grey never lets you down. It just blends with any occasion, whether it is formal or casual.

Grey color is a perfect match for shirts in color red, spring bloom, aqua, black, light pink, white, blue, and purple.

2020 [Lattice Printing] Harem Cotton Loose Casual Wollen Pants

Harem loose woolen pants

Navy Wool Pants

It is a lovely color which depicts denim. Just like black, it is suitable for almost all colors. There is a wide range of colored shirts which will match navy wool pant. These are khaki, grey, cream, red, maroon, brown, magenta, crimson, black, yellow, rust orange, light green, yellow, peach, pink, white, etc. It is a good idea to choose primary colors for your pants like peach, brown, red, or blue.

Wide Navy Blue Striped Wollen Pants

Blue striped woolen pants


In the end, well-cared wool will give you strength, style, and warmth for a longer time. It is the standard to measure men’s wear. It is no competition to the artificial fabrics or other synthetics that are trying to imitate the lustrous and deep pile of natural wool.

So finally, it is time to turn your wardrobe into the heaven of quality garments. Click on the links above and get yourself a pair of wool pants best in the market.

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